NC Services purchases three CORREA milling machines at industrial machinery liquidations

Nicolás Correa Service, S.A. purchased, in March this year, three fixed-bed CORREA milling machines, at industrial machinery auctions.

Correa DIANA 35 y Correa CF22/25 second hand milling machines

Within the second hand milling machine market, second-hand industrial machinery liquidations are one of the most common ways of purchasing machines. Company shutdowns are a primary source of supply within the second-hand industrial machinery sector. At NC Service, as part of our commitment to offer our customers an all-inclusive service, we always look out for these industrial auctions as a way of increasing our stock of second-hand machines and providing an extensive range of milling machines that will subsequently be retrofitted by our technicians at NC SERVICE.

On this occasion, the industrial liquidation was held in England, in March, by auction houses specialising in the sale of second-hand industrial machinery. During these, NC Service purchased three fixed bed CORREA milling machines. Specifically, two CORREA CF22/25 of similar features, with a travel of 2,500 mm on the X axis and 800mm on the Y-Z axes. Amongst other features, both milling machines are equipped with independent, tempered steel guideways and resin counter-guides on all three axes, tempered and ground ball bearing spindles in all movements and a hydraulic counterweight for the vertical movement. They are also fitted with a TNC 246 Heidenhain numerical control, and a manual universal head with hydraulic tool clamping.

The CORREA DIANA35 was the third machine to be purchased by our company, which is a leader in the retrofitting market. This machine was manufactured in 2007, as part of an earlier generation of CORREA milling machines, created for sectors which, as well as performing operations demanding great versatility and rigidity, also required optimum finishes. This CORREA DIANA35 milling machine, with a travel of 3500 mm on its X axis, 1000 mm on its Y and Z axes, features a UDG Universal Auto-indexing head with indexed positions of 2.5º, a Heidenhain iTNC 530 numerical control, HR-410 electronic wheel, linear guides on all three axes, servo motors and digital drivers and Ethernet card. This second-hand milling machine is also equipped with accessories such as an automatic tool changer for 30 tools and a 400 mm diameter rotary table as the fourth axis. Once the NC Service technicians have completed their work on this machine, it is set to become a flexible and ideal solution for a whole range of potential customers for a variety of different tasks.

NC Service is now retrofitting these three CORREA milling machines, which will then be sold on with complete reliability and under warranty.