Nicolás Correa Service, S.A. changes its company name to NC SERVICE MILLING MACHINES S.A.

Nicolás Correa Service, S.A. has been our company name since it was founded back in 1999, accompanying us for more than 20 years on a business journey that has led us to be identified as international leaders in the refurbish and sale of second-hand milling machines, as well as in the provision of a high quality Technical Support Service.

Refurbished milling machines by NC SERVICE MILLING MACHINES

NC SERVICE MILLING MACHINES specialists in refurbishing CORREA milling machines


Since our company was first established, we have evolved in key aspects, such as the growth of our team of professionals, the expansion of our facilities, the execution of increasingly diverse projects, continuous improvement in the solutions offered to our customers and our capacity to operate both nationally and internationally.

It is precisely this marked international growth and our specialisation in CNC milling machines that our company has progressively focussed on over the last few years, that is now creating a new opportunity in the history of NC Service. We are therefore pleased to inform you that, from 1st October 2020 onwards, our company name will change to:




Our new corporate identity is based on two key pillars: to continue offering solutions to our customers in the area of occasion milling machines, based on our extensive knowledge of the product, and to promote the international nature of our company. This has given rise to the new name of Milling Machines, which will unquestionably offer us new market opportunities.



For us, this change of name provides an opportunity to valorise the very essence of our company and to bring our team together around a common goal: to continue to exceed our customers´ expectations as far as second-hand retrofitted machine tools are concerned, delivering a machine of guaranteed quality and technical support, wherever our customers require.

On the other hand, some things never change. Just as we continue to have the same aspirations for the development of our company and to guarantee the excellence of our work, the corporate and brand images that identify us will continue to be those that have accompanied NC Service throughout its history. Likewise, our address will remain unchanged.


We would like to welcome you to this new stage that we are now looking forward to with enthusiasm, while expressing our appreciation to all of you for the trust and confidence placed in our company over the years. We will continue to focus on working as we have done up to now, always driven by the commitment to be the best solution for our customers.