Which are the machines we refurbish or repair most often and where do this refurbishment is carried out? Do we sell worldwide?

At NICOLÁS CORREA SERVICE, S.A. we have been engaged in the refurbishment and sale of used CORREA milling machines for more than 20 years. Besides, we do not only retrofit other top-branded milling machines but also other machine tools for chip removal, returning them to their original features after retrofitting and, even in some cases, improving them after a technological update in order to increase their competitiveness.

Heidenhain milling machine for sale - Nicolás Correa Service

Retrofitting and sale of CNC milling machines

Due to our extensive experience and relationship with the brand, we are specialists in the refurbishment and inspection of all CORREA milling machine models. Over the years, we have incorporated other first Spanish brands of second-hand milling machines into our stock, thus also retrofit ANAYAK, ZAYER and SORALUCE milling machines. After this retrofitting, both of the milling machines from our customers wanting to tune them and of our used machines, these are sold with full reliability and guarantee. These are the types of refurbished milling machines that we have in stock, with different dimensions and features for satisfying all types of machining demands:

Recently, and in order to face market demand, we have also been trained in the repair of other types of chip removal machine-tools, highlighting 5-axis Deckel Maho machining centres, due to the quality of this brand. 

All our milling machines and other CNC machines refurbishment work is carried out at our facilities in Burgos, placed in Villalonquéjar industrial area, where all our equipment and tools necessary to perform this complete refurbishment work are placed. A professional technical assistance and quality milling machine repair service is also offered, which are normally carried out at customer’s location where our specialised technicians move to, always offering a quick and efficient solution.

One of the things that most identifies us is that we have no frontiers, selling our machines anywhere in the world, currently having more than 250 rebuilt milling machines installed all over the world, mainly in Europe.

We are always at your disposal for any doubt. Besides, you can also visit our website to find out more about our refurbishing work and our current offer of retrofitted second-hand machinery.