Retrofitting of the CORREA L30/104 milling machine and subsequent sale to Portugal

The used CORREA L30/104 travelling column milling machine underwent an exhaustive retrofitting process at the facilities of NC Service Milling Machines, S.A., following which it was sold to a company in Portugal.

CNC retrofitting milling machines by NC SERVICE - NICOLAS CORREA milling machines

CNC NICOLAS CORREA L30/104 mobile column milling machine

This is a travelling column, fixed bench milling machine from the L-30 series that NICOLAS CORREA, S.A. started to manufacture in the nineties. It is noted for its capacity to achieve a finish of excellent precision when machining very heavy large-sized parts, given the fact that, regardless of the size of the part, the same mass is always displaced, corresponding to the machine column.

In this case, the milling machine is the largest in the entire series, model CORREA L30/104, with a bench length of more than 12 metres, longitudinal and horizontal travel of 10,450 and 1,200 mm respectively, also highlighting its vertical travel of up to 2,500 mm. Fully equipped with a UDG40 automatic head with indexed positions of 2.5º, a 60-pocket automatic tool changer and a fourth axis of 1,200 x 1,200 mm.

After purchasing this machine on the second-hand machinery market, NC SERVICE carried out the complete mechanical refurbishment as well as an electronic retrofitting which was completed by confirming the excellent machining precision of this CNC milling machine through the geometry test protocols.



Following the retrofitting of this milling machine by NC Service, the Portuguese customer STAFFORD SOIMA, S.A. visited NC SERVICE where it was able to see the CORREA L30/104 milling machine in operation. For more than 40 years, this company has been dedicated to the exclusive manufacture of tower cranes, including hammerhead cranes and self-erecting cranes, selling its products all over the world.

In its desire to increase its production capacity, the company was looking to purchase more second-hand machines, finally placing its confidence in the milling machines retrofitted by NC SERVICE.

Further to its visit, STAFFORD SOIMA, S.A., together with the experienced technicians at NC SERVICE, defined its requirements with regard to the type of production that this CORREA milling machine was to perform, as well as the subsequent work for the installation and commissioning of the machine at its facilities and the training to be given to the company´s technicians in its operation.

STAFFORD SOIMA, S.A. is now enjoying the capacity and performance of this large-size milling machine, which is ideal for the excellent quality of the machining operations performed by this customer.