Yet another CORREA CF22/25 milling machine has been retrofitted and sold in Spain

These CORREA CF22 milling machines are one of the best-selling retrofitted CORREA milling machine models, given their excellent capacity, machining quality and performance that can rival even the most modern milling machine models.

CORREA CF22/25 CNC milling machine retrofitted by NC Service

Retrofitting used CNC CORREA milling machines

This fixed bed CORREA CF22/25 milling machine offers a travel of 2500 mm on the X axis and 800 mm on the Y and Z axes. It features a manual head (U22) with an external coolant system, a speed of 4000 RPM, and HEIDENHAIN TNC-426 numeric control. The retrofitting process for this second-hand milling machine followed the retrofitting steps in which NC Service Milling Machines, S.A. specialises, completed with the certification of its excellent machining conditions based on the appropriate geometry protocols.

Once the milling machine was ready, the company TALLERES MECÁNICOS SOPUERTA, S.L. visited the facilities of NC SERVICE at Burgos, Spain. This Vizcaya-based customer, with an experience of more than 45 years in machining, boilermaking and mechanical assembly, was interested in a milling machine with these features and which, moreover, was fitted with a chip conveyor and static tool changer on the table. Although this milling machine did not have these accessories, the technicians at NC SERVICE were able to make these two adaptations to this CORREA CF22/25 retrofitted milling machine, thereby enhancing its initial features.

This purchase has enabled the company TALLERES MECÁNICOS SOPUERTA to increase its production capacity, while meeting the expectations of quality and good workmanship that its customers always expect of this company.

As the company commented:

"The NICOLAS CORREA CF22 milling machine has allowed us to optimise the machining times of a wide range of components for capital goods, machinery and mechanical assemblies. What is more, the programming of the milling machine is extremely intuitive."