Yet another installation in France of a second-hand CORREA milling machine

At the end of 2020, the French customer confirmed its satisfaction with the retrofitting work on the CORREA A25/30 second hand milling machine performed by NC Service Milling Machines, S.A. During its visit to the NC Service facilities in Burgos, Spain, this customer was able to check the machining process of this CNC milling machine.

CNC second hand NICOLAS CORREA milling machine refurbished by NC Service

Occasion CORREA A25/30 milling machine being retrofitted


Following this confirmation, the milling machine was made ready for transport to this customer, LEROUGE MECANIQUE GENERALE SARL, in Pont-Audemer, France, where our French partners, MACHINE OUTIL SERVICE, performed the installation and commissioning of this CNC machine.

This is a CORREA A25/30 bed type milling machine, suitable for performing extremely robust, high-quality machining processes, thanks to the rigidity and precision provided by its friction guideways, designed to facilitate travel along its axes. The machine is fitted with a HEIDENHAIN TNC426 numerical control and it features a travel of 3 metres on its X axis, 1.2 metres on its Y axis and 1 metre on its Z axis.

The retrofitting work on this used milling machine included the replacement of bearings and the pre-loading of screws on all three axes, the priming and repainting of all parts, the repair or replacement of damaged items, the inspection of the electrical elements and CNC, the retrofitting of the milling head and the manual adjustment using a scraper for the correct functioning of the three axes.

This is the first time that this French customer, LEROUGE has opted for the CORREA milling machine retrofitting process provided by NC Service. The quality obtained by this milling machine during its machining process will be key to increasing the efficiency and production of this company, while enhancing customer satisfaction.