FORD Turkey decides to invest in the purchase of a used CORREA milling machine retrofitted by NC Service

The CORREA CF17D second hand milling machine was selected by the Turkish company FORD OTOMOTIV SANAYI A.S. which, for the first time, has placed its trust in the NC Service professional retrofitting process and purchased this 3-axis CNC milling machine for use in its part machining processes.

CORREA CF17D milling machine refurbished by NC Service

Retrofitted CORREA milling machine installed at FORD Turkey


This bed type CORREA CF17D milling machine features a longitudinal travel of 2 metres and 800 mm on both its vertical and horizontal axes and is fitted with a HEIDENHAIN TNC-426 numerical control. This used milling machine, equipped with a manual head, external coolant system and protective guard, is ideal for the precision machining of small and medium-sized parts.

Once NC Service Milling Machines, S.A. had completed the mechanical retrofitting process of this second hand CNC milling machine, it was selected by the Turkish company FORD OTOMOTIV SANAYI A.S. in its process to acquire industrial machinery for sale of these characteristics.

The milling machine is in excellent condition following its retrofitting process, which involved the dismounting, sanding, priming and painting of the main components, replacement of bearings, preloading of spindles on all three axes (X/Y/Z), grinding of components and subsequent manual adjustment using a scraper, complete inspection of the milling head, inspection of the CNC and electronics, etc.

Following the selection process and the sale of this used CNC milling machine, NC Service made all the arrangements for its shipment and commissioning at FORD Turkey. The machine was taken by truck to Turkey where MUSTEK, the usual associate for CORREA milling machines in this country, carried out the commissioning at the customer´s facilities.

This CNC milling machine is now operating at FORD OTOSAN, where it is meeting the high quality requirements of this company in the manufacture of parts for the automobile sector.