Retofit of a CORREA CF22/20 milling machine for a customer in Portugal

NC Service Milling Machines, S.A., has recently installed and commissioned a CORREA CF22/20 milling machine owned by a Portuguese customer, who placed its trust in our company´s experience and good workmanship and ordered the complete mechanical retrofit of this fixed bench milling machine.

NC SERVICE refurbishes CORREA milling machines owned by customers

Retrofitting of used CORREA milling machines owned by customers

Within the range of professional services that NC Service offers those customers working with CNC CORREA milling machines, there is the option to mechanically retrofit and technologically upgrade their used milling machines, due to the fact that, over time, mechanical wear and technological obsolescence start to take their toll.

On this occasion TECNIMOL Fábrica de Moldes LDA., a customer based in the Portuguese municipality of Águeda, took the decision to mechanically refurbish its CORREA CF22/20 milling machine, manufactured in 1999, entrusting NC SERVICE with the task or returning this machine to its original standard of precision machining. This Portuguese company is dedicated to the manufacture of tools and the series production of high-quality precision parts for the metal components industry.

NC SERVICE visited TECNIMOL to define this customer´s needs and requirements with regard to the retrofitting of its milling machine and helped to conclude the terms and conditions for carrying out this project. Following this agreement, the second hand CORREA CF22/20 milling machine was sent to the facilities of NC SERVICE in Burgos where the company´s experienced technicians performed the complete mechanical retrofit of this milling machine.

On an ongoing basis, the customer was kept fully informed as to the progress of the refurbishment work on this CNC milling machine and was provided with graphical information at each stage of the process, starting with the inspection and initial dismounting after the arrival of the machine, followed by the painting, complete repair of the milling head, grinding and adjustment of the main components on its three axes, and ending with the final testing of the machine geometry.

In this way, in less than 10 weeks after receiving the machine, NC SERVICE completed the retrofitting work, finalising with the re-installation and commissioning of this milling machine at the customer´s plant. With this retrofit option, TECNIMOL can once again benefit from the original performance of its milling machine, with no need to make a huge investment in the purchase of a new one or in the subsequent civil engineering work, or to concern itself with how to dispose of the old one. The company will therefore be able to extend the useful life of its CORREA milling machine and get all the benefit from operating with the original standard of high quality and performance.