Two recently acquired CORREA used milling machines, featuring an automatic head and ready for retrofitting

At NC Service, we have recently added two CORREA bed type milling machines to our stock. These were purchased on the second-hand machinery market, one at an industrial machinery auction in Germany and the other from a machining company in Switzerland.

Used CORREA CF25/25 milling machines

Used CORREA milling machine CF25 model


These two CORREA CF25/25 milling machines are now available in our stock of second-hand machines. Manufactured in 2003 and 2007, this CORREA milling machine model features an innovative design that offers all the flexibility and best machining techniques to its end users, with a HEIDENHAIN numerical control, linear guides on roller slideways on its three axes and bearing spindles in all movements.

At NC Service, we are going to offer a complete mechanical retrofitting process for both second-hand milling machines together with a thorough inspection of the electronic components and their numerical controls, to give a milling machine with a precision and performance that are comparable to a newly manufactured one.

Although both machines offer similar technical characteristics, we would highlight the following differences between these refurbished milling machines, directed at meeting all the possible demands of our customers: 


  • CORREA CF25/25 (625061):   
    Retrofitted milling machine with a similar travel on the X and Y axes (2,500 and 1,000 mm respectively) yet offering a Z-axis travel of 1,500 mm, providing the customer with greater versatility in the type of parts to be machined. It features a HEIDENHAIN TNC-530 numerical control and a UAD universal auto-indexing head with movements every 0.1º, and it also equipped with two chip conveyors.

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The retrofitting of these two used CORREA milling machines will give the end customer a milling machine with a high machining quality and with availability in the short-term. A number of customers are already enjoying the benefits of this completely retrofitted CORREA CF25 milling machine model, offering the precision, reliability and guarantee that are characteristic of the NICOLAS CORREA brand.