CORREA CF17D milling machine sold in Madrid following a complete retrofitting

Another example of a CORREA CF milling machine that has been sold following a full mechanical retrofit at the facilities of NC Service Milling Machines, S.A. in Burgos, Spain. Thanks to its compact, versatile and robust design, this CNC milling machine model continues to be a leader on the second-hand machinery market.

CORREA CF17D CNC milling machine

Retrofitting of used CORREA CNC milling machines


On this occasion, the mechanical refurbishment process was made on a CORREA CF17D milling machine, with a travel of 2 metres on the X axis and 800 mm on the Y and Z axes. Equipped with a manual universal milling head, electronic hand wheel and external coolant system, this milling machine model is ideal for companies machining small parts yet still requiring good performance and a high quality finish. Following the retrofit process, the geometry protocols performed on this CNC milling machine guaranteed its excellent precision.

At this moment in time, the Madrid-based company MECÁNICAS DE ALCALÁ, S.L. visited the facilities of NC SERVICE to enquire about the replacement of its bed type milling machine with a different retrofitted milling machine option, requiring complete reliability and a warranty. Following its visit to NC SERVICE, this company considered the different proposals available and finally opted for this CORREA CF17D, given that it was ready for immediate delivery and had good terms of sale.

NC SERVICE was also responsible for the safe transport of this milling machine, as well as for the installation and commissioning of the machine at the facilities of MECÁNICAS DE ALCALÁ, S.L.

This company, devoted for more than 80 years to general machining jobs, lathe, milling, welding, boilermaking, as well as maintenance and repair work, is already making the most of all the features and advantages of this CNC milling machine.