A second-hand milling machine or a new one? A second chance for milling machines

When deciding on the purchase of industrial machinery, an increasing number of people are going for the option to purchase used machines on the second-hand market. 

In fact, when deciding on the purchase of a retrofitted second-hand milling machine, Nicolás Correa Service is a first option, given that our retrofitting or technology upgrade process offers precise machining and with the NC Service guarantee of quality. These CNC milling machines are fully reliable, practically achieving the performance level of new machines, while being far more affordable, without mentioning the environmental advantages.

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Bearings replacing and ball screws preloading during milling machines refurbishing process

Having bearings and ball screws in excellent conditions in a CNC milling machine, become essential for achieving a clean and vibration-free shaft movement in the axes. These elements allow axes displacement with friction-less than for sliding movement and, therefore, with low friction losses.

Ball screw rotates, thanks to an engine, transforming its rotational movement into linear movement on the axes. Bearings are located at the ends of the spindle for supporting them as well as for making their movement possible.

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Nicolás Correa Service adapts the retrofitting of the ANAYAK HVM-5000 milling machine to meet its customer´s requirements.

Nicolás Correa Service, S.A. offers the best solution in second-hand retrofitted milling machines. For this reason, whenever possible, the customer is actively involved in taking decisions on matters arising during the milling machine retrofitting process. This ensures that the machined workpiece has a finish with the highest possible precision and, moreover, the milling machine is perfectly adapted to the customer´s requirements. As an example, we would mention the success story of the "customised retrofitting" of the ANAYAK HVM-5000 travelling column milling machine.

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The importance of CNC programming in milling machines

At the end of the 60´s, computerized numerical control and its CNC programming was introduced in the industrial machinery, which allowed programmable automation of production and achievement of impossible movements to be done manually. This resulted in a significant increase in productivity, accuracy, safety, speed, repeatability and flexibility, together also with a reduction in waste in the manufacturing industry.

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3 basic things you need to know about machining centres

If you frequently navigate our Website or social networks, in addition to our refurbished milling machines, another type of second-hand machines tool has been recently added to our catalogue. Among these, you will find machining centres of the brand Deckel Maho, model DMU eVolution as highlighted options.

Due to this new business line, we would like you to know more about the operation of these machining centres, origin and main features, so you can be aware of our news about.

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