Which are the machines we refurbish or repair most often and where do this refurbishment is carried out? Do we sell worldwide?

At NICOLÁS CORREA SERVICE, S.A. we have been engaged in the refurbishment and sale of used CORREA milling machines for more than 20 years. Besides, we do not only retrofit other top-branded milling machines but also other machine tools for chip removal, returning them to their original features after retrofitting and, even in some cases, improving them after a technological update in order to increase their competitiveness.

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Anayak milling machines refurbished by Nicolás Correa Service

Anayak milling machines have a rigid and long-lasting design, guaranteeing an accurate and quality machining. In addition, their design allows a customized configuration by incorporating elements that provide solutions to different machining situations. 

The baking of this first-class brand, together with our proximity and experience with these CNC milling machines and the complete refurbishment process that we carry out at NC Service, make our stock of retrofitted Anayak milling machines in a great machining option.

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